Surf art

The waves Mayumi creates are like portraits: immediately recognizable, they represent the particularities of the most renowned spots around the world.

His unique paintings are praised since the early 80s by the surfing world, who loves their stunning, hyperrealistic appearance.
But not only.

He resonates with the surfers as he conveys in his art his own experiences with their culture, and the symbiotic vision they share of the ocean. An Aloha spirit embodied in contemporary art.

Friend of a limitless list of legendary champions, from Kelly Slater to Layne Beachley, Gerry Lopez to Eddie Aikau, Laird Hamilton to Lisa Andersen, Garrett McNamara, Miki Dora or Greg Noll, he’s the most respected surf artist amongst them.

A man with 100 lives

Mayumi was in his teenage a competitor level martial artist. He traveled the world in the early 70s, and took many different jobs.

Cook, bodyguard, top jewellery designer, diamond broker, press fixer, movie producer, shiatsu massage practitioner…

During his voyages, he met and befriended world famous personalities. His skills, his lively character, his kindness and original lifepath attracted and fascinated musicians, writers, sportsmen, actors, models, philanthropists… from all backgrounds.

Tokyo – Hawaii – Paris – Tahiti – Biarritz

Son of a renowned japanese writer, Mayumi had the privilege to practice japanese painting with a private tutor at an early age. He grew up with Hokusai, Hiroshige and Okyo original prints in his home.

His inspirations come from his primary surf art epiphanies in French Polynesia, the North Shore of Oahu, the massive wave of Jaws in Maui, but also the majestic Atlantic ocean and Biarritz where he currently resides.

Graduated from the famous French Beaux-arts school, he mixes a japanese minimalist spirit with european oil painting techniques.

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